Roger H Strube MD

Obamacare by mandate, providing Medicare Advantage and Medicaid to uninsured Americans as an entitlement for the poor will enrich insurance companies and Big Pharma and bankrupt our economy.

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Roger H Strube, MD


Roger H. Strube, MD (retired)

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"There is a critical need for development, refining and implementation of systems to assure that the medical care provided is accessible, appropriate, efficacious, efficient, and delivered at the lowest possible cost. The managed care industry scuttled by special interest groups, lobbyists and politicians failed to meet this challenge. The present attempt to reform the financial system without addressing core quality and cost issues will fail. The entire American Medical-Industrial Complex must be reengineered on both the financing and delivery sides if quality care and cost effectiveness are to be achieved. This is Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis.


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