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Obamacare by mandate, providing Medicare Advantage and Medicaid to uninsured Americans as an entitlement for the poor will enrich insurance companies and Big Pharma and bankrupt our economy.

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Healthcare Reform

Roger H Strube, MD

The publisher and standard practice determine the order in which parts of the manuscript are submitted. After purchasing the “Online Premier Pro” publishing package from iUniverse, the “Manuscript Preparation Guide” was downloaded. This document provided all submission guidelines, including page and text formatting, and organization of the manuscript.

The bulk of the manuscript is organized as follows: Front Matter, Book Block and End Matter. The Front Matter may be viewed by clicking on the tabs to the left. Front matter consists of:

Endorsements: If you are reading this web site, you probably will not have secured any endorsements. I don’t have any although I probably deserve one from the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR).

Half-title page: Usually just the main title. Will be labeled: “page i”

Full-title page: This provides the full title of the book; sub title; the name of the author, editor, translator, or author of the Forward; and, the name and location of the publisher. My title page:


Discovering the Cause and Cure for

America’s Health Care Crisis

A physician’s memoir


By Roger H. Strube, MD

With Foreword by Wesley Wallace, MD


Copyright page: The copyright page is provided by iUniverse during the final editing, formatting and designing phase. The registered copyright ISBN number is a service of iUniverse and recorded on this page.

Dedication:                   “For Kathy”

Epigraph: Is a pertinent quotation but not integral to the book.

      "There is a critical need for development, refining and implementation of systems to assure that the medical care provided is accessible, appropriate, efficacious, efficient, and delivered at the lowest possible cost. The managed care industry scuttled by special interest groups, lobbyists and politicians failed to meet this challenge. The present attempt to reform the financial system without addressing core quality and cost issues will fail. The entire American Medical-Industrial Complex must be reengineered on both the financing and delivery sides if quality care and cost effectiveness are to the achieved. This is Creative Design for Health Care Reform."


Foreword: The foreword is a statement about the book by a person other than the author. This person may be eminent and the name may be carried on the title page and cover. Dr. Wes Wallace wrote the foreword to the book and his name appears on the cover and full-title page.

Preface: My statement about the work may be reviewed on an attached page.

Acknowledgments: Recognition and gratitude for assistance and contributions to the work. My acknowledgment pages may be reviewed on an attached page.

Introduction: A substantial introduction by someone other than the author is usually included in the front matter after the acknowledgments. It should exceed 5 pages. If it is shorter, it becomes the Foreword and is positioned ahead of the Preface.

Only some of these elements have been attached to this web site.

Discovering the Cause and Cure for

America’s Health Care Crisis

A physician’s memoir


Creative Design for Health Care Reform

Published by iUniverse will be available on line at Amazon in both print and ebook versions. It will also be available at Borders and Barnes and Noble book stores.

Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis is in the final proof reading process and will be available soon. The ISBN numbers have been assigned:

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0389-1 (pbk)

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0388-4 (cloth)

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0387-7 (ebk)

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